Our story

My name is Hyacinthe. I’m a former nurse, a French foodie, and a busy mom of two boys living in New York. I’ve always had a passion for good, fresh, healthy food. Growing up, I was watching my mom cook healthy meals for the whole family. A few years later, I would go every week to farmers’ markets to get my ingredients and have a good chat with local providers. A habit that I never lost, even when working as a full-time nurse while caring for my two boys.

When I became a mom, I realized the importance of starting good nutrition and taste awakening at an early age. I was determined to make my own baby food out of fresh, quality ingredients. But soon reality caught up: a full-time working mom can only do so much in one day, and baby food products sold in stores often are not the healthiest–or tastiest–options. Something that I’d hear countless times from other moms.

This is how the idea of Petit Gastronome came to life.

Petit Gastronome is about turning meal time into a happy, nurturing experience and helping parents provide their baby with the healthiest, tastiest, freshest food. Want to know more about our products? Click here!