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You can keep our jars in the fridge for up to 5 days or freeze them for up to 2 months


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your baby can enjoy a meal bursting with fresh flavors, true colors and interesting textures



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Stage 2 and stage 3 meals can be prepared without protein


Stage 1: 6-month+
Smooth purees

3 x 4oz veggie blend
3 x 4oz fruit blend

Perfect for babies starting solid food, those blends are simply made with pureed fruits or vegetables to obtain a smooth and delicate texture. It is a great option to introduce your baby to new tastes and eating from a spoon.


Stage 2: 8-month+
Textured purees

PG - 28.jpg

3 x 6oz veggie/grain/protein blend
3 x 4oz fruit blend

These jars combine veggies with nutritious grains/potatoes and proteins. We gently season with fresh herbs or a dash of spice to tickle your little one's taste buds. We also include healthy fats -like olive oil- that are essential for your child's brain development and add more flavor. At this stage, the texture include coarsely chopped ingredients to prepare for the transition to little chunks. For example, those meals can be puree stirred with quinoa, couscous or include lumps from coarsely grounded ingredients.
The fruit jars are creamy smooth purees.




First meal: 10-month+
chunky meals


3 x 6oz veggie/grain/protein meal
3 x 4oz fruit blend


Deliciously balanced meals made with veggies, grains/potatoes and meat or fish. These meals contain small chunks like pasta or cubed veggies that will help your little "gastronome" develop chewing ability and be ready to share real table food with the whole family!
The fruit jars are creamy smooth purees.


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