From the first spoon to the first gourmet meal

Each one of our tasty spoonful takes your baby on a sensory adventure while making it easy for you!
To best fit your baby's evolving needs, we offer meals in 3 different sizes with 3 types of textures:

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Stage 1 : 6+ months

 4oz jars / smooth purees

Perfect for babies starting solid food, those blends are simply made with pureed fruits or vegetables to obtain a smooth and delicate texture and introduce your baby new tastes and eat from a spoon.



Stage 2 : 8+ months

6oz jars / textured purees

These jars combine veggies with nutritious grains or potatoes and proteins. We gently season with fresh herbs or a dash of spice to tickle your little one's taste buds. We also include a little bit of healthy fats -like olive oil- that are essential for your child's development and add more flavor. At your request, we can prepare those meal without the protein. At this stage, the texture may include coarsely chopped ingredients to prepare for the transition to little chunks.


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Stage 3 : 10+ months

8oz jars /  savory chunky meals

Deliciously balanced meals made with veggies, grains/potatoes and meat or fish. We have a no-protein option available. These meals contain small chunks that will help your little "gastronome" develop chewing ability and be ready to share real table food with the whole family!





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Our ingredients

Because a good produce is the beginning of all great dish, even the simplest one, we are committed to select the best quality ingredients.
We source our organic fruits, vegetables from nearby markets, local farms and suppliers. We also use organic fresh herbs and spices for more goodness in our meals.
We are committed to use local ingredients as much as possible. For some of our recipes and for the good of little , we have to travel a little further but always make sure they come from organic source and sustainable source.
Our meat are 100% grass-fed and we choose only wild caught seafood.
Our grains and cereals are also organic.