Deliver fresh, real delicious food for your baby

Help train your baby's little palate early on to induce lifetime healthy eating habits

We believe that healthy eating habits starts with great taste.

We believe in taste education. As parents, we are transmitting our tastes like we transmit our habits and traditions. What we eat today is what we will feed our children tomorrow. Our likes, dislikes and eating habits shape the way our children will learn to eat and enjoy their food. In the first few months of starting solid food and up to 2 years-old, most babies are open to new flavors, it is the best time to introduce a wide range of fresh, wholesome ingredients. Parents and caregivers have the important role to choosewhat their baby will eat and we're here to help by providing meals that are nut

We believe in pleasure! Pleasure to eat, pleasure to taste, pleasure to be together.

We believe that baby's meal not only have to be nutritious, but they have to be delicious. That's why we are using the highest quality ingredients and various cooking techniques to make sure our little meals are tasty and healthy. 

We believe that starting solid food can be a happy time for your baby and you. We know how exciting but also stressful it can be so at Petit Gastronome we've got you covered! We create purees for modern babies from traditional recipes with a French twist. We will help you train the palate of your little one to the taste of fresh and real food by providing delicious meals.

Provide parents with resources concerning the transition to baby food


Our philosophy:

Delicious meals

The tasty, healthy, colorful ingredients we use in our French-inspired recipes are guaranteed to satisfy your baby’s little taste buds. We use only the freshest highest quality ingredients, and never add any salt, sugar, additives or preservatives. Our veggies and fruits are sourced from nearby markets, local farms and organic suppliers. We carefully select our dry ingredients and make sure all our meat is hormone-free and grass fed and our fish is wild caught.
In our kitchen, we simmer, steam, roast, sauté, poach, bake with love and care–it’s the best way to bring out the tastiest flavors!
And... we don't combine often fruits and vegetables to make our blends more palatable for babies like many pouches or jars.


Healthy choices

By using good and simple ingredients you would pick yourself and cooking them like you would do at home, we give your baby a good start for a healthy diet

Happy babies

We believe health, taste and happiness are closely related. This is why everything we do is driven by making mealtime an enjoyable and bonding time for the whole family. We believe that mealtime should be an enjoyable and bonding time for the whole family and making transition to solid food a happy time for your baby and you!